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Okanagan Trip Number One During Restricted Travel

I’ve been Looking back over a few weekends of essential travel to Kelowna both during lock down and as we reopen. I reluctantly flew the end of April, the weather was just too dodgy to drive. I was starting in Lake Country and ending in West Kelowna so I spent the first night at the Four Points at the airport and since I had to eat and hoped to buy some cans of wine from 50th Parallel I drove up and chanced a walk in patio lunch. Easy, I was one of 3 tables for an early lunch. They have a big tent patio and with all the walls in place, it felt much like inside so I was glad for the social distance. I’d only had my 1st vaccine dose a few days before.

Halibut at Block One

Wow! I loved it though. My first fresh halibut of the season with puréed spring veggies, whipped potatoes and pickled fiddleheads. It was excellent. Dessert? Yes please.

Dark Chocolate at Block One

The dessert called Dark Chocolate was actually chocolate 4 ways with raspberries, a recommendation from my very excellent server. The coffee was even good. And I’m enjoying the cans of Pinot Gris.

And that happily ended my first restaurant experience in months.

I moved to The Manteo for the next couple of days and had take out and room service but on my last day, with just enough time for lunch before my flight back, I walked into one of my favourite restaurants in the Okanagan, Old Vines at Quail’s Gate.

I was the first person in the door that day and was warmly welcomed. Old Vines has one of the nicest patios and they seem to keep their staff forever. As for food the Truffle Parmesan fries, that every restaurant in the valley tries to match would keep me coming back, but they are so consistently good and the menu so interesting, that I would have to say it is my favourite restaurant in the North Okanagan.

Old Vines Truffle Parmesan Fries

Of course I had the fries and then a chickpea plate. Another exceptional meal.

Old Vines Pakora

More on the next trip to follow.