Cathy Moore

General Manager at The Travel Group in Vancouver BC Canada

My goal is to travel more, eat less and drink wisely.

I love to cook and love restaurants.  In a restaurant I’m looking for new and exciting dishes that will inspire my cooking at home or ethnic food that is difficult to recreate at home.  If there’s a chevre chaud salad on the menu, I’ll probably order it.  I have one everyday when I travel to France, my second favourite country.

David and I became vegetarian in 1997 but switched to “pescatarian” a few years later, driven over to the “fishy side” by pasta primavera, the ubiquitous restaurant offering.  I’m happy to eat wild seafood though.  I grew up in Newfoundland, home of the best codfish in the world but since living in BC I’ve become crazy about  salmon.  I love to see them run up the river and the chance to see eagles and bears gathering to feed on them.   When we have a wicked good run, I stock my freezer for a bargain and feel connected to an ancient local culture.

I’ve practiced Yoga regularly for almost 20 years and swim whenever there is an immaculate pool available.  I love to walk but my knees hate.  I’m trying to lighten their load.

I started collecting BC Wines 6 years ago and have visited about 80 wineries in British Columbia.  I’ve also wine-toured in Ontario, Washington, Oregon, California, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal.  I drink mostly BC wine and beer and enthusiastically drink local when I travel.  In 1984 I fell in love with wine over dinner at Hy’s; A Beringer California Cabernet Sauvignon with a rack of lamb.  One of my top 10 meals. (I miss lamb) The big dark red is still my 1st love but since then I’ve had intense relationships with Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and most recently Riesling.

David’s love of beer is dragging me over to the grainy side, although I’m more interested in the aromas than the flavours.  We are founding members of The Western Beer Club and meet regularly to attempt keeping  up with the latest craft brew scene in Vancouver.

Coffee is an obsession.  My drink is Americano.

I love a great bar, coffee bars, wine bars, cocktail bars, pubs.   Add some live music and I hate to leave.   The glass or cup really matters.

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