Another outstanding meal @Savio_Volpe.

Our latest meal at Osteria Savio Volpe was fantastic.  I had my heart set on the Bagna Cauda and was happy to see it still on the menu.  Bagna Cauda is a hot dip of anchovy, garlic and olive oil served with  bread and veggies like fingerling potatoes, radishes, and endive.  We mopped up every drop with some extra bread.

For wine we chose a Nebbiolo from Langhe and it was a perfect match.  The aromas of wild berries and fruity flavour complimented the deep umami of the bagna cauda.

Langhe Nebbiolo

We couldn’t resist the Faro Salad again.  Always different depending on what’s fresh, this time there was squash, chickpeas, pine nuts, dates and ricotta.  Absolutely delicious.

The daily pasta was a mezzaluna with salt cod and a light white wine and saffron sauce.  I simply can’t resist salt cod and the smooth sauce worked with the distinct taste of the cod.

From the fire we had Albacore Tuna with romanesco, capers, olives, lemon and a side of charred cabbage with tomato and olive vinaigrette.  Wow!  The tuna was perfect but I’d love a big bowl of the cabbage all to myself.

Finally we couldn’t resist the polenta cake with blood oranges and mascarpone.

Polenta Cake

A great meal made even greater with the super people working there, many who have been there since they opened 3 years ago.  That says a lot.


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