Mallard Cottage lives up to it’s reputation and knocks it out of the park with cod cheeks. 5 Yums Up!

Mallard Cottage
The Mallard Cottage

I love landing in St. John’s, trying to spot my house or school from the air or checking to see the icebergs outside the harbour.  This time I had my eye on Quidi Vidi, the lovely fishing village just over the hill from St. John’s harbour.  We were staying at The Inn at Mallard Cottage and had reservations for dinner in the award-winning restaurant.  We settled into our wonderful room and headed to the bar for a drink before dinner.

Two musicians with a guitar and an accordion were playing and it was clear we were in for a lovely evening.

Mallard Menu
Sunday Night Menu June 9, 2019

We chose the Family menu to try as much as possible.  Starting with Blue Mussels with Onion and Tomato, that David declared the best he’d ever had and I couldn’t disagree.  The focaccia with carmelized onion butter was so delicious we somehow managed to eat a second order.  There must be a separate stomach for bread and butter.  The bartender had recommended the Salt Cod Tartare and it was a unique dish.  Cod is god in Newfoundland and it must have been one beautiful fish because these little morsels were absolutely perfect with shallot, buttermilk and house made potato chips.  Culinary genius.

Cod Tartare
Cod Tartare 

Lobster Thermidor with mustard cream was delightful and Skin on Cod with confit potatoes equally so.

Lobster thermidor
Lobster Thermidor

A gorgeous piece of Halibut was creatively matched up with Garam Masala Chick Peas.  Absolutely fabulous.

Mallard Halibut

The family meal didn’t come with the Corn Crusted Cod Cheeks and we couldn’t possibly have eaten them anyway but made it back another night to try them.  We’re glad we did because so many people we talked to said they were a personal favourite.

Mallard Cottage and The Inn both exceeded my expectations.  I don’t want to stay anywhere else in St. John’s.

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