Day 2 Oceania Vista. Polo Grill for Dinner.

Mosaic Floor at Polo Grill

Walking into Polo Grill the beautiful mosaic floor greets you and sets the mood of luxurious comfort.

Classic Oysters Rockefeller, Onion Soup au Gratin and Caesar Salad served table side recall days of formal dining supper clubs.

Steaks include Porterhouse, Ribeye, New York Strip and Filet Mignon are offered with traditional toppings and sauces.

Options like lobster, lamb and fish ensure there are options for everyone.

Oysters and lobster bisque got a Yums Up at our table. The lamb didn’t do as well. Halibut was a perfectly cooked, excellent piece of fish but overwhelmed by the sauce. The Porterhouse got a big Yums Up.

Oysters Rockefeller
Halibut with Firecracker Sauce
Rack of Lamb
Porterhouse Steak

Hits and misses on the main courses were made up for with side dishes and excellent service.


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