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Halloumi at Acorn is a like veggie Fish and Chips and I’m a believer

Chevre Chaude Factor 5 Yums Up

IMG_4751.JPGDinner at Acorn last night and my new favourite dish in the city is the Halloumi.  3 pieces of deep fried halloumi cheese sit on a potato cake on top of smashed peas with a big smear of minted yogurt.  Magnificent and enough like a chevre chaud to excite me. Fish and chips and chevre chaud salad are among my favourite dishes of all time and this one nods to both.

Friday winedown at The Travel Group featured Pepper Dauphinois from Les Amis du Fromage and Dessert Hills Gamay.

I drank Blue Mountain Brut, a suggestion from our server that I fully appreciated.  (like fish and chips with champagne, a meal I long for) David took his suggestion for a Spanish tempranillo with the mushroom pappardelli which proved to be an excellent combo.

Good workout this morning, 15 minute bike with 4 sprints, light upper and lower.

Ate 2,300 calories yesterday.