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Sunday November 16th Day 1 of new BlogPost

I’m sitting in the parking lot at Grouse waiting for David to finish the grind. Topsail and I did a 20 minute walk at Ambleside. Had to touch the totem. It’s a beautiful morning, sunny and cold.
I’ve just downloaded WordPress and am planning to blog daily about food,exercise, coffee, wine and beer. That’s in order of personal importance.

Ate at Le Tigre food truck for lunch. Excellent “angry kitty”crispy rice squares, very spicy and chewy. Beet salad’s been even further upgraded with artichokes. Loved the crispy kale in the crack but didn’t care for the broccoli addition.
Opened a Hillside 2008 Pinotage for dinner. Its probably a bit past its prime. Lots of colour on the sediment. Crystals on the cork. We’ll have to drink the other one. Fast!

Yesterday I ate 2,000 calories