Monday morning feeling guilty for not posting yesterday

Good workout this morning.  15 minute bike with 4 sprints and full upper and lower workout.

Yesterday was a write off in so many ways and yet it was a good day.  I didn’t leave the house or get out of my pyjamas so that is a kind of success.  Didn’t do a work out but changed 2 beds and did several loads of laundry so some work.

It was an eating leftovers kind of day.  I had leftover guacamole and chips for breakfast and leftover curry for dinner.  I probably would have done OK with calories if David hadn’t come home with 3 Pure Breads treats to share.

We opened 2 bottles of wine on the weekend.

2014-11-30 17.04.57 2014-11-30 17.05.12

2008 Ex Nihilo Night from Lake Country, a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc is actually grown in Okanagan Falls and promises a long finish.  I thought it underdelivered.  I don’t like the labelling either.  I think the name and vintage should be clear on both sides.

2014-11-30 17.02.26

This Jackson-Triggs 2007 Merlot was the winner in our house this weekend.  Nice aromas, good colour, juicy wine with a velvet finish.

I ate 2,500 calories on Saturday and 3,000 Sunday.  Yikes!

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