Tuesday and December, time to start getting ready

Another good workout this morning.  15 minute bike with 4 sprints.  I moved through the whole workout faster as well to try and keep my heart rate up.  Feels good.

I cooked last night and Rachel came for dinner; tomato and mushroom bruschetta, salt and vinegar potatoes and grilled tuna with white wine, mustard sauce.  The potatoes were disappointing.  I’d spent a good deal of time finding the recipe I’d read in Bon Appetit because I thought I’d love it.  Not so much.  Perhaps it needed to be served instantly.  Perhaps the white nuggets weren’t up to the task of the called for small yukon golds.  Whatever the fault the recipe has been deleted.   I liked the tuna but didn’t get much feedback on it.

2014-12-01 18.20.37 2014-12-01 18.20.52

I opened a bottle of Norman Hardi 2012 County Chardonnay to make the sauce and go with the meal.  The wine was the best part.

I ate 2,100 calories yesterday.

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