Sunday sunrise walk following day of debauchery


Walk on Ambleside beach this morning. 20 to 25 minutes. Beautiful way to start the day and it’s warm and not raining.

Topsail did a little running and swimming with her favourite ball.

We started the day yesterday at the market and it was pouring rain. Somehow I couldn’t resist the Kaboom Box poutine. It’s tastier than it looks. Delicious, in fact. Fresh hot perfect fries with curd and mushroom gravy. Breakfast of the gods.

A trip to Bridge Brewing called for a flight of 5. I really did just “taste” them. Still adds up to about 5 oz of beer.

A neighbourhood party called for some good wine so I opened a bottle of @QuintaFerreira ’08 Obra-Prima to test it and we finished the bottle with cheese and oysters while we watched hockey. We still needed wine for the party so Harry McWaters ’07 Meritage came along and didn’t disappoint. Of course the party had great food. An excellent Asiago, artichoke dip, Aranchini and Mac and cheese balls were among my favourites.
Needless to say I have no way to count the calories I ate yesterday.

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