Dim Sum at Jade and 2 new must have dishes

Woke up feeling like all I wanted to do was drink coffee and read the news but I climbed on the bike anyway and finished with a very nice workout.  3 sprints on the bike, 2 – 2+minutes and 1 – 1+ minute.

I felt hungover yesterday.  I rarely drink enough to feel that way and it wasn’t lack of sleep.  Dim Sum was a great idea and Jade is one of my favourite places.  They make a fish and mushroom tart that I’ve never seen anywhere else and is 2 bites of amazing.  The prawns in balsamic another slightly odd dish for dim sum but also deeply delicious.  Our 2 new favourites are the personal hot pot with scallops, prawn and mushrooms in a Thai sauce that is mopped up beautifully with the deep fried mushrooms.  There are snowy owls in Boundary Bay this time of year so a repeat may be n the future.

2014-12-07 11.11.59

Halibut with Green Onion and Ginger

2014-12-07 11.09.04
Thai Style Prawn and Scallop Mini Hot Pot

2014-12-07 11.36.24
Prawns in Balsamic Sauce

2014-12-07 11.33.24
Mixed Mushroom and Truffle Chow Mein
2014-12-07 11.12.03
Baked Mushroom and Fish Tart

Another day of not being able to guess at the calories.  Today won’t be like that though.

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