Rachel’s 23rd birthday

I woke in the early morning of Wednesday with a sore throat that managed to keep me awake a long time and was feeling pretty poorly to start the day.  I stayed in bed and skipped the workout and felt much better for my favourite day. Rachel’s birthday invokes the strongest and best memories and I’ve always tried to have breakfast with her.  Yesterday was no exception.  She chose Catch 122 on Hastings.  Neither of us had been there and it was a good choice.  I had a truffle scented mushroom omelet with goat cheese.  It was a little bland but benefited from hot sauce.  The hash browns were a thing of beauty.  Rachel had a 3 decker english muffin scrambled egg and chorizo affair that was impossible to eat as a sandwich.  She ate every bite but I don’t think she’d order it again.  Coffee was good, room is good.  2 1/2 Yums Up.

2014-12-10 10.09.17

David made baked beans on potatoes and an excellent arugula, corn and red pepper dish for dinner.

I ate about 2,300 calories yesterday.

This morning I did a 10 minute bike ride, some crunches and stretches.  My body is aching and sore.  I think I may have a flu bug I’m fighting off.

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