Tan Tan Noodle Challenge continues and Peaceful takes the lead

2014-12-08 11.56.02

Driving home yesterday I was thinking of what to have for lunch when I saw a parking spot right in front of Peaceful. and the Tan Tan noodle challenge was on.  I ordered to go and perhaps that’s not comparing oranges to oranges but Peaceful came out the winner over Lin’s anyway.  The spinach and tofu addition make for a more interesting dish. Peaceful serves it with the sauces on the bottom and the other components separate on top. Once tossed the sauces become rich and thick  The spicing is just right too, not but not overpowering.  Both have excellent handmade noodles but Peaceful  makes the better dish.

2014-12-08 06.55.48

Monday morning David started our day with this amazing skillet breakfast of potato, egg and curd.  Add some sauce and it’s a new poutine.  It was delicious.

Light workout this morning, feeling quite sore from Sunday and Monday.  10 minute bike, crunches, push ups and stretches.

I ate about 2,000 calories yesterday.  It is possible to eat great food and eat low colorie if there are no extras or alcohol.

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