Who won the battle of wineries and restaurants

View from Corcelette

On our final day as we headed home we stopped at our 2 last wineries; La Stella in Oliver and Corcelette in Cawston.

La Stella

La Stella’s wines and winery are Italian inspired, beautiful and sophisticated. We’ve visited many times and we never leave empty handed.

Corcelette was our final winery and another regular stop for us. Owned by young local people who have wine flowing in their blood, they represent the best of the wine industry. Buy the Malbec if you get the chance.

With our trip coming to and end I started asking each of my fellow travellers about their favourite wineries and favourite meals.

The judges

Of course there was no consensus but some clear winners. Miradoro restaurant at Tinhorn Creek got 6 out of 8 votes with Terrafina at Hester Creek getting the other 2. Special mention to the scallops and the bannock and spreads at The Bear, The Fish, The Root and The Berry and the flatbreads at Black Hills.

Feedback on wineries was even more complicated. Second Chapter in Oliver was the most mentioned for both the quality of the wine and presentation by host Diane.

At La Stella you feel like you could be on Italy

La Stella was another clear favourite. Our host Sankara, kept us focused on the wine in our glass and was judged the most informative.

La Stella Most Informative

Checkmate came up for the opportunity to taste and compare several Chardonnays and Merlots. The wines were fantastic and the chance to see how varietals from different vineyards compared side by side was unique. Our host there was also charming.

Clos du Soleil – Best Value Red Blend

We also judged Clos du Soleil’s Celestial red blend to be the best value wine of the trip.

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