Oceania Vista Inaugural Cruise in Summary

Lobster Medallion Salad with Citrus Sauce Avocado Cream and Lobster Croquet

Oceania’s Vista inaugural was my first time on a ship with more than 700 passengers in more than 20 years, believing that I just wouldn’t like anything bigger.  But many of our Oceania clients love the 1,200 passenger, Marina and Riviera and argue that all the additional dining and entertainment options make for a better experience.  I have to agree that as a foodie I loved all the dining options and the variety of live entertainment was super fun. 

Then there’s the enrichment program that I’d never even considered before.  The culinary centre offers very popular, hands-on cooking classes.  I did a photography class at the new LYNC learning centre and have been using the tips I learned ever since.  I even went there for some help with an app on my phone and the tech wizard there was incredibly helpful. 

I asked everyone I talked to onboard about their favourite experience and Ember, exclusive to the Vista featuring Inventive American food was most often mention. And we agreed.  I loved the Sashimi Tuna Salad and my travel partner brought up the Lobster Mac N Cheese every day after. 

Speaking of lobster, I ate it every day in some form.  The lobster bisque is outstanding.  For the christening party, all 1,100 guests had dinner at the same time and they pulled that feat off very well.  One of the 3 appetizers served that night was the Lobster Medallion Salad with Citrus Sauce, Avocado Cream and Lobster Croquette.  It was my fave dish of the trip.

Two other foodie things came up when I asked around; one was Toscana on previous sailings that had been my top pick too, the other was Sunday Brunch and with good reason.  It was amazing. We never got past the seafood table but the options were endless.  It’s a regular thing on Oceania cruises not to be missed. 

There were 1,100 people on board and it was lively and fun with just the right amount of buzz.

Staterooms are luxurious and start at a very comfortable 290 sq ft.

The bathroom was also excellent with the best shower I’ve ever had on a ship.

What didn’t I like?

The bar team were showing off their really fancy complicated cocktails, so pre dinner service was sometimes a bit slow and although I love the idea of a solo cabin, the shower in there is just too small.

In conclusion, I loved this ship and have decided that 7 days is just not enough for me.  In future I want a minimum of 10 days from now on.  12-14 would be even better.


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