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Jackson Triggs Sunrock Vineyards are always excellent. The ’06 Merlot was no exception.

10 minutes biking plus some core work; a light workout was called for this morning, my knee was aching from the squats and gardening yesterday. I got the old heard pumping with some raking so that burned some extra calories.

I ate about 2,300 calories yesterday.  Dinner at home; bucatini with white anchovies and capers and coleslaw. I used rustichella d’abruzzo bucatini, it’s my favourite brand and I love the fat chewy noodles.  The salty anchovies and capers with peppers and olive oil make this my kind of dish,  David hates the pasta and white anchovies so I won’t be tempted to make it too often. Probably for the best.  As for the coleslaw, I learned that I don’t like savoy cabbage if it isn’t cooked.  It was such a nice looking cabbage, I was looking forward to eating it, but it should have been a stir fry.

We opened a bottle of Jackson Triggs SunRock Vineyards 2006 Merlot and it was beautiful.  Colour and cork were still good, aroma was rich, the fruit was still lively and mouth feel was velvet.  A cellaring that paid off.