The Mexican On Granville is my kind of joint

No workout this morning but I made up for it with gardening yesterday and getting ready for company tonight.

We went to one of our favourite events last night, Barney Bentall’s Grand Cariboo Opry fundraiser in support of the Potluck Cafe. Held at The Voque, which automatically means eat at The Mexican.  The food is great, the people are great, the margarita’s too.  Nachos are a must and the crispy cheese on the top can be ordered as a stand alone dish cause there’s never enough.  David always has the chili rejjeno and I can convince him to share with a Taco camaron.  I love The Mexican, it’s what I’d call a joint;  clean linoleum floors with chrome chairs, good food fast and a good bar. No one ever rushes you even though there is a queue out the door.  Good manners make you move along at a proper pace.

I was trying all day ato save my calories for last night when David opened a bottle of Le Vieux Pin Equinox Syrah and it was beautiful AND we had a designated driver.  Hallelujah!

I figured I ate about 3,000 calories.

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