Wednesday morning easy start

Having a guest stay in our basement means no workout for me this morning so I’m taking advantage and starting a new book.  Not many calories burned at that task.  It’s a paper book so a bit more active than reading on my phone.

Dinner at home last night by David was his special vegetarian tourtiere with his new cranberry jam.  Pretty awesome.

I opened a bottle of Seven Stones 2006 Meritage to go with and was it ever good.  I’m always a little worried opening older wine but the cork pulled nicely and was in good shape.  The aromas didn’t leap out of the bottle but came on when poured.  Nice dark garnet colour and smooth wine, very ready to drink.  The dark plummy flavour was great with the tourtiere.

2014-12-02 18.18.31

I ate 2,100 calories yesterday.

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