Curry leftovers makes a great week night meal

Bike ride – 15 minutes with 4 sprints.  Lots of upper body on bike.  No time for anything else, too many chores I should have done last night instead of going to bed, but if love going to bed early and will whenever I can.

Dinner – Desi Turka leftovers – 3 Yums Up

Curry leftovers for dinner.  We always order more than we need for a quick week-night meal.  My current favourite dish is Bhindi Bhaji;  smokey okra and onions, from Desi Turka in Burnaby.

Wine – Stag’s Hollow Riesling 2013 – 4 Yums Up

Nice yellow,  heady aromatic, bright and acidic, just enough diesel to win me over.

Ate 2,350calories

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