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Saturday morning and it’s a winter wonderland

I love Saturday morning workouts, there’s no rush, the day seems endless ahead.  15 minutes bike ride with 2 – 2 minute sprints.  Lots of physical work ahead around the house and I love it after a week of sitting at my desk.  I counted my workouts this year and I’m up to 134.

Friday is always an eating and drinking day with lunch and dinner often a challenge. Yesterday I made grilled cheese on Pure Breads Old Stumpie Rye with grated 2 year old PEI cheddar and Maasdam.  The George Foreman grill at work is one of our most useful appliances.

Winedown at The Travel Group can be quite an affair this time of year and this week I had some leftover Hinterland Rose and wanted to see how it had held up for 5 days.  That lead to picking up some Oyama Truffled Duck Breast Salami. Available for a limited time each year, it’s perfect for starting a party with sparkling wine.

2014-11-28 08.43.43

A match made in heaven and the wine held up well with a proper stopper and refrigeration.

2014-11-28 15.31.45

We’re also helping Les Amis du Fromage finish a wheel of Pepper D’Affinois so opened a bottle of Syrah from Vanessa Vineyards by Sandhill.  That was a pretty fine match up too.

2014-11-28 15.31.24

Dinner was curry from Desi Turka so I went hunting for a riesling and found this Orofino 2013 Old Fines . Pale gold colour, heady aroma, mouth watering and enough acid to cut through the curries.  Saved some for a repeat performance.

2014-11-28 18.29.19

I ate about 2,800 calories yesterday.

Curry leftovers makes a great week night meal

Bike ride – 15 minutes with 4 sprints.  Lots of upper body on bike.  No time for anything else, too many chores I should have done last night instead of going to bed, but if love going to bed early and will whenever I can.

Dinner – Desi Turka leftovers – 3 Yums Up

Curry leftovers for dinner.  We always order more than we need for a quick week-night meal.  My current favourite dish is Bhindi Bhaji;  smokey okra and onions, from Desi Turka in Burnaby.

Wine – Stag’s Hollow Riesling 2013 – 4 Yums Up

Nice yellow,  heady aromatic, bright and acidic, just enough diesel to win me over.

Ate 2,350calories