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Jackson Triggs Sunrock Vineyards are always excellent. The ’06 Merlot was no exception.

10 minutes biking plus some core work; a light workout was called for this morning, my knee was aching from the squats and gardening yesterday. I got the old heard pumping with some raking so that burned some extra calories.

I ate about 2,300 calories yesterday.  Dinner at home; bucatini with white anchovies and capers and coleslaw. I used rustichella d’abruzzo bucatini, it’s my favourite brand and I love the fat chewy noodles.  The salty anchovies and capers with peppers and olive oil make this my kind of dish,  David hates the pasta and white anchovies so I won’t be tempted to make it too often. Probably for the best.  As for the coleslaw, I learned that I don’t like savoy cabbage if it isn’t cooked.  It was such a nice looking cabbage, I was looking forward to eating it, but it should have been a stir fry.

We opened a bottle of Jackson Triggs SunRock Vineyards 2006 Merlot and it was beautiful.  Colour and cork were still good, aroma was rich, the fruit was still lively and mouth feel was velvet.  A cellaring that paid off.

Scooped a cup of “The Barn” at Revolver

Excellent morning workout.  15 minutes on bike, only 1 sprint but a complete set of upper and lower body.

Ate 2,100 calories yesterday.   Dinner at home with David’s meatless loaf, baked potato poutine with miso gravy, caprese salad and a roasted beet dish with the greens roasted in at the last few minutes, a great Bon Appetit recipe.

Finished the Stag’s Hollow Riesling and it held up perfectly.

Coffee. We drank out yesterday and tried “the barn” at Revolver, a complex coffee with a lot of flavours. A bit more acidic than I prefer but I’d like to give it another go.  They figured to be sold out by mid day yesterday for about a week.

Curry leftovers makes a great week night meal

Bike ride – 15 minutes with 4 sprints.  Lots of upper body on bike.  No time for anything else, too many chores I should have done last night instead of going to bed, but if love going to bed early and will whenever I can.

Dinner – Desi Turka leftovers – 3 Yums Up

Curry leftovers for dinner.  We always order more than we need for a quick week-night meal.  My current favourite dish is Bhindi Bhaji;  smokey okra and onions, from Desi Turka in Burnaby.

Wine – Stag’s Hollow Riesling 2013 – 4 Yums Up

Nice yellow,  heady aromatic, bright and acidic, just enough diesel to win me over.

Ate 2,350calories

Sunday November 16th Day 1 of new BlogPost

I’m sitting in the parking lot at Grouse waiting for David to finish the grind. Topsail and I did a 20 minute walk at Ambleside. Had to touch the totem. It’s a beautiful morning, sunny and cold.
I’ve just downloaded WordPress and am planning to blog daily about food,exercise, coffee, wine and beer. That’s in order of personal importance.

Ate at Le Tigre food truck for lunch. Excellent “angry kitty”crispy rice squares, very spicy and chewy. Beet salad’s been even further upgraded with artichokes. Loved the crispy kale in the crack but didn’t care for the broccoli addition.
Opened a Hillside 2008 Pinotage for dinner. Its probably a bit past its prime. Lots of colour on the sediment. Crystals on the cork. We’ll have to drink the other one. Fast!

Yesterday I ate 2,000 calories